Showcase your movie, not the tech


You did your research and chose the right camera(s) to capture your scenes. You spent countless hours stitching your footage and making sure your positional sound was accurate and pristine.  Now it’s time to share your masterwork with the world.

Studies show you have 15 short seconds to grab their attention, why would you burn that time traversing menus, or worse, teaching someone how to use a VR headset?

Enter the Pagoni VR Festival Player. Two Button Simplicity.

One for you, One for them.

The Curation button sets your content back to frame 0. Have more than one piece? Multiple presses will round robin through your list of movies. No need to worry about energy levels… each Curation Button press will show you the current battery level.

All Set. Just hand the headset to the viewer. You know exactly the state of the headset and your content.  Now Just Press PLAY.  Best of class video and audio quality… and the viewer won’t miss a single frame of your movie.


Film Festivals

Trade Shows

Department Store Kiosks

Health / Business Waiting Rooms

Business Meetings

High Value Marketing Mailers


  • Playback pauses when headset is removed. Pressing Play again will continue where you left off
  • Hands-free viewing. Volume is preset by curator, with ‘a hidden method’ to adjusted during show to accommodate changing conditions.
  • Movie play stays on last frame when complete to allow for branding, call to action to be absorbed by viewer.
  • Always know your power status. Battery Level is displayed on each movie reset.
  • Interface is simple enough for unsupervised playback.
  • No Internet connectivity needed.


  • Maximize the number of people you can move through your booth
  • Drastically lowers the cost of personnel to manage booth traffic
  • Kiosk mode – if the battery were to run out, or the headset is turned off, powering on the HMD will bring you right back to the Festival Player.
  • Feel confident that you know what state the headset is in when you pass it on to a viewer.
  • Flexible pricing. We recognize you may be renting headsets and don’t necessarily want a full purchase.


  • Crystal clear audio and video playback of your content.
  • Support for 360 / 180 stereoscopic and monoscopic video.
  • Support for Stereo and Ambisonic Sound
  • Capture the interest in your work while it is at it’s peak