A powerful, free utility for immersive video

You’ve spent days, nights and weekends creating your amazing immersive content. You’ve learned the tools of your trade from stitching to editing to color correction and it’s time to share your masterpiece. Did all of your tools know about VR, or did your last render remove all your metadata? Will your movie play properly on Facebook, YouTube, or directly on an HMD ?

Give your content a fighting chance by making sure all the metadata is set accurately.

Just drag / drop your content onto SideKick and get an instant viewport into your movie’s stats – its metadata, video resolution, frame rate, codec, audio format is at your fingertips.

Multiple versions of content on your disk can get confusing. Don’t bet on your OS browser to preview. SideKick can read your movie and let you scrub to make sure you are viewing the right file. Is your metadata missing or incorrect? Correct it with our easy pull down menus for each field, and quickly save to disk.

View, Set, Save.
Sidekick is your trusted production assistant, giving you an accurate view of your media and making sure you are ready for prime time.


Download the latest version of Pagoni VR Sidekick. Available for the PC and Mac. 

Version 2.0

Initial Release


Support for Spherical Video Spec V1 and V2

Movies (mp4, mov, mkv)

Stills (Google Photosphere XMP)

Video scrubber

Easy drag/drop interface

Menu based metadata selection and super quick file saves