Pagoni VR sees the world through a different lens… actually a whole bunch of different lenses. We build solutions to facilitate 360 and 180 degree video workflows while creating new and innovative solutions that combine real world and virtual world elements.


Project Chimera

Project Chimera is a ground breaking educational offering that allows local and remote students to actively participate in the same classes, and strengthens the bonds between teacher and students and between the students themselves.

Festival Player

Enter the Pagoni VR Festival Player. Just hand the headset to the viewer. You know exactly the state of the headset and your content.  Now Just Press PLAY.  Best of class video and audio quality… and the viewer won’t miss a single frame of your movie.

Pagoni VR Sidekick

View, Set, Save. Sidekick is your trusted production assistant, giving you an accurate view of your media and making sure you are ready for prime time. Give your content a fighting chance by making sure all the metadata is set accurately.


Video Production

Small or large, we have the cameras, tools, and expertise to provide compelling immersive content for your production.

AR/VR Development

Immersive video presents awesome challenges. Sometimes those challenges produce wonderful bits of code that make our productions more efficient. Our development team can share what we’ve created or help you solve your unique problems.

AR/VR Video

Immersive video isn’t relegated to just 360 video. Creative use of 360 and 180 degree content can be repurposed for use on AR/VR and flat projects. Step with us outside the box.

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