Pagoni VR Sponsors the VOB Film Festival

Pagoni VR is excited to sponsor the 2019 VOB Film Festival where this year they will be showing two incredible virtual reality films and the headsets will be available at many of the sessions.

The festival is from August 22nd to September 1st in Brewster, New York.

Project Chimera: a Live Virtual Classroom Mixing Face to Face and Distance Learning

Imagine teaching in a face to face classroom that includes a few monitors that display students connected remotely, displayed as virtual avatars that you could interact with as if they were pretty much there with you?

Project Chimera Uses VR to Put Remote Students in the Classroom

With education in all forms today, classes tend to be either wholly online or wholly face-to-face. While some hybrid degrees are gaining in popularity in fields such as nursing and law, these mostly demarcate courses…